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Get low rate credit cards or zero percent interest credit cards.

0% interest rate cards are only temporary
Build credit
responsibly with
credit cards

You have many low to zero interest credit cards to choose from. Many credit card companies are competing for your business. Because of that, it puts you in a good position to gain a card with low to Zero introductory rates on cards. Many cards offer rewards ranging from air miles to cash back or money towards a car. You can transfer your existing credit card balance to your new card at the new low rate or zero interest rate.

However, it should be noted that moving to another new card too soon to avoid the eventual interest on the credit card balance may impose a penalty. So be careful about card hopping. You may end up owing money if you transfer too soon to another new low to zero percent interest credit card. The ideal strategy is to establish a low rate with your new card to lock in long-term savings.

Below is a selection of card companies that can help you get a card with good interest rates.

[Click Here] for a more complete listing of credit card companies featured.

Once you have faithfully made payments over the course of a year or two, request a review to get your interest rate lowered. If the company wants to keep your business, they will see about providing you a lower rate.


Credit Card Sense (112 bytes)

Credit card payment minimums are calculated to only cover a small portion of the card balance while the rest goes toward paying interest. If you only pay the minimum, it takes what seems like forever to pay off a card. When that happens, you might apply for another card to get another credit line only to eventually find yourself in the same boat with the new card.

Doubling up payments on credit card billings will go far to keep the interest charges to a minimum. If you can, pay off the monthly balance. Most cards provide a grace period that is interest free.

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