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Zero Percent (0%) Interest Credit Cards
Low rate and 0 percent interest cards exist in the list below and on the main credit card page. The reality of attaining 0% interest cards may be more difficult.

0% interest rate cards are only temporary
Build credit
responsibly with
credit cards

If you are looking for zero percent interest credit cards, they do not actually exist. If they did, the credit card businesses could not afford to remain in business for very long.

What they are actually offering is a balance transfer of your current card to their new card for a short term 0% interest. After the period of time is up (usually 6 months to a year), the regular charges resume. The credit card company has to make money by charging interest and uses the zero percent offer to snag new customers. Also, any new charges made to those cards are usually figured in at the regular APR.

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0% Intro APR No Annual Fee Platinum Card
Just like a passport, your new Platinum Card is a must have for travel. That's because it carries these worldly features such as Travel Rewards™, Hertz Car Rental Discounts and Travel Accident Insurance. To top it off, your card comes with money-saving platinum features like no annual fee and a 0% Introductory APR. Apply now to get your Platinum credit card—perfect for travel and accepted at millions of locations worldwide.
Excellent - Good

If you maintain the balance on that new card past the time period covered, you may end up paying more in interest than other cards that offer lower interest rates that remain low regardless of how long you keep your card. People trying to play a game with the cards by hopping from one card to the next, might find themselves rejected when the credit card companies catch onto what they are doing.

Many card companies will not offer the introductory zero percent interest rate to people with less than good credit histories. The best thing that anyone can do is to either find a low interest card or ensure that you pay off the balance each month.

To the right is a selection of card companies that can help you get a card with good interest rates.

[Click Here] for a more complete listing of credit card companies featured with Low APRs and zero percent interest introductory rates.

Once you have faithfully made payments over the course of a year or two, request a review to get your interest rate lowered. If the company wants to keep your business, they will see about providing you a lower rate.

Credit Card Sense (112 bytes)

Credit card payment minimums are calculated to only cover a small portion of the card balance while the rest goes toward paying interest. If you only pay the minimum, it takes what seems like forever to pay off a card. When that happens, you might apply for another card to get another credit line only to eventually find yourself in the same boat with the new card.

Doubling up payments on credit card billings will go far to keep the interest charges to a minimum. If you can, pay off the monthly balance. Most cards provide a grace period that is interest free.

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