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Bank Loans/Finance Lending/Quick Cash Advances (payday loans)
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APR stands for

Making large purchases such as furnishing your home or remodeling your house can really drain your savings and many of us simply do not have that much cash reserve on hand. Loans generally come with a better APR than the use of credit cards. Credit cards are very convenient but they come with a price. With APR's of 15% or more getting a bank loan is a much more sound decision especially if you expect to spend $2,000 or more. Bank loan APR's can be as low as 8.5% or less (check current rates).

Applying For The Right Loan
Your credit history is: Loans mainly for use by people with:
Excellent - None poor or no credit history, other credit welcome.
Excellent - Poor poor credit history, other credit welcome.
Excellent - Average average to excellent credit history.
Excellent - Good good to excellent credit history.
Excellent excellent credit history.
Full credit range Loans tailored to credit history.
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$500 in your bank acount in 24 hours—Find Out How!
• Get your loan approved in under 2 minutes! Cash is deposited directly to your personal checking account. We provide short-term cash advance paycheck loans when you need them most. [44 Click Here]
Full credit range
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Search & Find Loans/Credit

Run a search and find numerous credit/loan providers. Get a personal loan for whatever needs that you are looking for. Financial aid available for all sorts of credit situations and histories. [44 Click Here]
Full credit range
[Company: iEmergency Loans]
Loans, Emergency Loans

Need cash for that special gift? Get a short term loan today! Fast, easy online application process. Money is deposited directly into your personal checking account. Get up to $500 right now! [44 Click Here]
Full credit range
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Need cash? Get it NOW! 500 Fast Cash

Get up to $500 immediately by submitting the application. [44 Click Here]
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Cash Loans Deposited Electronically to You Overnight
• Does some unexpected expense find you short on cash? Do you need money tomorrow but payday is a week away? If so, National Payday can help! If you find yourself needing cash for any reason at all, let us help. We will cash your personal check electronically and hold it until your next payday. Just fill out our short online application; you can be pre-approved in minutes and have the money you need tomorrow. It’s fast, easy, confidential, and there’s never a credit check. [44 Click Here]
Available to Everyone
[Company: Credit Membership Union]
Credit Membership Union—Get a New Computer

Have you been looking to purchase a new computer? Or do you want to upgrade your old one? The Credit Membership Union gives you instant access to an interest-free (that’s 0% interest!) credit line to purchase BRAND NEW computer systems and other products exclusively from CMU. [44 Temporarily Suspended]
Excellent - Average
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“FREE” Government MONEY?

You've heard about it... Now, check out a TRUE Source! Federal Money Retriever gives you the tools necessary to get you started today, all in one convenient, user friendly package. [44 Temporarily Suspended]
Full credit range

Loan Sense
Loans can make purchasing expensive items easier. Many of us do not have $5,000 laying around when we finally decide that we want to make our living quarters feel more like home. Use a loan to preserve your bank savings balance and at the same time build a good credit rating.
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