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Mortgages, Auto Loans, and Refinance

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Home mortgages, auto loans and refinancing are very big investments and are important tools in your life.

To get a mortgage loan or refinance your home, click here.

To get a car loan or refinance your car under a more advantageous plan,
click here.



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Mortgage Sense
It's a good idea to refinance your home when the APR offered is at least 1.5% lower than what your current home mortgage APR is. If there are 2 or more closing points attached to the loan, then a 2% difference is preferable (i.e. if your current home loan is at 8.375%, you would want to find a loan at 6.375% or less if there are 2 or more points for closing). You can pay off the points up front or roll them into your loan. Don't forget to report the points on your IRS tax filing—they are deductible.
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