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Credit Cards Make Life Easier
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Credit Cards :: Good Credit
Credit Cards :: Average / Bad Credit (below) [1]
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Credit cards make purchasing convenient, protect your cash holdings, and help you to track your spending habits. If you lose your wallet and your credit card is in it, you can call the credit card company to close that card. This helps you to avoid losing large sums of cash money you would otherwise need to have on hand when making purchases of hundreds or thousands of dollars. On the Web, it is almost a necessity to have a card with which to make purchases on.

There are different credit cards for different credit situations. Certain cards may be of particular interest to you if you are one who wants special features as well as a host of other additional services and discount features. We feature a card that fits your purposes and circumstances. If you have bad credit or no credit, use the prepaid charge cards to help you build or rebuild a good credit rating.

No Credit or Bad Credit:
Guaranteed approval credit cards
Good to Excellent Credit:
Car purchase
Air miles
for frequent
Free toys and
protection for
Air miles for
Cash back
AmEx Blue Cards
Business Class Good to Excellent Credit:
Large credit limits
special benefits
Cash back rebates Gasoline rebates Flyer
miles for

For those that are wishing to establish good credit or need to re-establish their credit because of past bad credit, the cards below will help you with your rating. They also provide good APR's and other great benefits.

Applying For The Right Credit Card

Your credit history is: Credit card mainly for use by people with:
Excellent - None poor or no credit history, other credit welcome.
Excellent - Poor poor credit history, other credit welcome.
Excellent - Average average to excellent credit history.
Excellent - Good good to excellent credit history.
Excellent excellent credit history.
Full credit range Loans tailored to credit history.

[Company / Card type: Platinum Plus]
Platinum Plus

$7500 unsecured merchandise credit line! No credit checks and no credit turndowns. You’re approval is *guaranteed, regardless of your credit history. Platinum Plus can even help establish your credit with monthly reports to major credit bureau. No employment verifications and credit limit increases for those who qualify. Platinum Plus gives you the power of Platinum. Sign up today and receive a *Free bonus for new members! Apply online today. [44 Click Here]

* See Web site for terms and conditions.

Full credit range

[Company / Card type: All American Gold]
All American Gold

You can get a $6000.00 unsecured Gold merchandise credit line! The All American Gold can help you establish your credit. Even if you have bad credit, We can help. Getting the credit you deserve is “as easy as pie” when you apply for this $6,000 unsecured card. Enjoy great merchandise, while you establish your credit. This card also reports your new credit to a major credit bureau. No credit checks or credit turndowns. Apply Today and start shopping soon! [44 Click Here] This is a catalog charge card that helps you build a positive credit rating.

* See Web site for terms and conditions.

Excellent - Poor

[Company / Card type: Free Credit Club]
Free Credit Club Charge Card

If you need credit and are tired of searching for credit, getting approved for your new $2500 credit limit can be just a click away. No employment verifications, No Credit Checks! If you have poor credit or no credit—it's no problem. There is no upfront fee. However, you must be 18 years old, a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, have a monthly household income of $800 or more and no undischarged bankruptcies to qualify for this merchandise card. [44 Click Here] This is a catalog charge card that helps you build a positive credit rating.
Full credit range

Credit Cards :: Good Credit >>
Credit Cards :: Average / Bad Credit [1]
Credit Cards :: For Businesses >>

Card Sense

Credit cards make purchasing easier and help keep an accounting of your spending habits. If you can't pay off each month's total purchases made on the credit card, consider paying an amount that is double or more of the minimum amount. This will keep finance charges down and make room for other future charges. This keeps your card from being used up (a.k.a. max'ed out). A max'ed out card quickly becomes a burden since you can no longer use it.

Read FAQ's for more information (pg 1, pg 2)

The reality of the 0% interest rate credit card.

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