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Credit Cards Make Business Purchasing Easier
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Credit Cards :: Good Credit
Credit Cards :: Average / Bad Credit
Credit Cards :: For Businesses

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The following credit cards are for businesses that have good to excellent credit ratings. Each card has it's own advantages, from frequent flyer miles to cash back rebates. You also can pick between a gasoline rebate card with computer equipment and electronics rebates or the travel card. Pick the card that fits your special business needs.

The cards below feature high credit limits for power purchasing, zero (0) percent introductory rates, great long-term APR's and other terrific benefits.

Applying For The Right Credit Card

Your credit history is: Credit card mainly for use by people with:
Excellent - None poor or no credit history, other credit welcome.
Excellent - Poor poor credit history, other credit welcome.
Excellent - Average average to excellent credit history.
Excellent - Good good to excellent credit history.
Excellent excellent credit history.
Full credit range Loans tailored to credit history.
[Company / Card type: Advanta Platinum with Rewards]
Get the Cash Back and Frequent Flier Miles Card

• 0% intro APR for 15 months on balance transfers.
• 7.99% fixed APR thereafter.
• Up to $50,000 credit line.
• $0 fraud liability.
• Personalized card: your company name on the card.
• No annual fee and No limit on earnings.

Choose your rewards. Select either:
• Up to 5% Cash Back on the things you buy most often including gasoline/diesel, computer/office supplies, and more.
• OR travel rewards.
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Excellent - Good

Credit Cards :: Good Credit >>
Credit Cards :: Average / Bad Credit >>
Credit Cards :: For Businesses

Card Sense

Credit cards make purchasing easier and help keep an accounting of your spending habits. If you can't pay off each month's total purchases made on the credit card, consider paying an amount that is double or more of the minimum amount. This will keep finance charges down and make room for other future charges. This keeps your card from being used up (a.k.a. max'ed out). A max'ed out card quickly becomes a burden since you can no longer use it.

Read FAQs for more information (pg 1, pg 2)

The reality of the 0% interest rate credit card.

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