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Does your individual links pages have 70, 100, or more links per page? Please put our reciprocal link on a good quality links page (no more than 40 outbound links per page). We generally do not put your link on a page with more than 30 outbound links.


On This Page:

Terms of Link Trade: Your site must fit our acceptance

Get Reciprocal Link Code: Must have our linking code on
all of your sites that are to participate in link trading.

Add Your URL(s): After you've added our link to all your
sites, add your URL(s) to our directory.


Terms of Link Trade

Loans & welcomes reciprocal partnerships. Sites should contain financial related content (ex. sites for investments, stocks and bonds, 401K, financial brokerage firms, banks and lenders—see accepted topics below).

  • Unrelated sites must not be submitted (ex. sites for restaurants, electronics, software, etc.,).

  • For multiple topic sites: If you have a financial section, then your URL should lead directly to your financial section, not to a general home page. Do not submit the home page URL unless the majority of content is financial related.

  • Topics Currently Covered:

  • Your site must not have content that contains or promotes:
    Illegal Activities
    Various Immoral Ideals
    Sites promoting the above will be rejected / removed from the listings.


Get Reciprocal Link Code

Copy and paste our link information to your links page as shown below and please avoid changing the Title link & URL:


Track Business Expenses with Credit Cards • The resource that provides multiple sources for business class charge cards for expenses—Loans &

Title Track Business Expenses with Credit Cards
Descr. The resource that provides multiple sources for business class charge cards for expenses—Loans &


Add Your URL(s)

Once a link to Loans & is on your site(s), submit your link(s) to the submission form for automatic inclusion.

Upon successful submission, your site(s) should appear on the category page(s) that you designated would best fit your site (be sure to refresh page(s) if not seen). The acceptance process is automatic unless certain conditions are not met.

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Partner Sense
Partnering with us is a mutual benefit. People that visit us may also be looking for what you have. The Web was built upon sharing references. Your site also gets a boost in search engine results. Engines figure in inbound links to your site for ranking. Between the boost in rank and some extra exposure on our site, it's well worth it for you to trade with us.
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