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Home mortgage loans and refinancing will likely be a part of your life if you intend to buy a home. Buying rather than renting has the advantage of tax deductions and investment value that is not possible for renters.

You have a choices of shorter term and regular long term conventional loans and ARM loans. ARM loan financing has it's advantages for people moving from place to place while still building some home equity. If you stay in your home for many years, fixed rate mortgages are usually better.

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Applying For The Right Mortgage or
Home Refinance Loan
Your credit history is: Mortgage/Refinance mainly for use by people with:
Excellent - None poor or no credit history, other credit welcome.
Excellent - Poor poor credit history, other credit welcome.
Excellent - Average average to excellent credit history.
Excellent - Good good to excellent credit history.
Excellent excellent credit history.
Full credit range Loans tailored to credit history.
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Mortgage Sense

If you haven't refinanced in the past 2 years and are planning to stay in your existing home, refinancing your home may very well be a smart choice when the APR offered is at least 1.5% lower than what your current home mortgage APR is. If there are 2 or more closing points attached to the loan, then a 2% difference is preferable. You can pay off the points up front or roll them into your loan. Don't forget to report the points on your IRS tax filing—they are deductible.

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